• Safety at Large-Scale Events

    Posted on June 7, 2014 by in MJST Prep School

    MJST Prep School

    Attending large-scale events such as the Olympics or the World Cup can be exciting and often a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most travelers. But unfortunately, these events can also attract less desirable people or situations that can ruin your trip if you are not careful. Cities hosting large-scale events are often more than adequately prepared for larger threats and are generally safe due to extensive preparation and preemptive policies to protect the public at large. However, smaller crimes can still occur such as pick-pockets and robbery. Prior to leaving, register your trip with the US State Department STEP program to notify them of your itinerary and receive information on places that are safe to visit as well as those you should stay away from. Keep your passport under lock and key as well as copies of your passport. Travel only with necessary items, leaving expensive jewelry and gadgets at home and keep them and your money as close to the front of your body as possible. Use only verified services (taxis, etc) from the local government or your hotel to avoid being taken advantage of. Be mindful of people around you, taking special note of anyone not appearing to pay much attention to the event at hand. And purchase travel insurance that covers civil unrest, cancel for any reason and trip interruption.

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