• Luggage Repair On-the-Go

    Posted on June 28, 2014 by in Ask Aston

    Damaged or malfunctioning luggage while traveling can put a damper on your trip. But before you throw away that suitcase or attempt to replace it in high-priced touristy places, try these quick fix techniques to get you through the rest of your trip. For seam rips that duct tape won’t fix, pack your items in a garbage bag and place it inside the bag allowing you to transport your things without them spilling out. For stuck zippers, try a wax-based product to un-stick it. If the zipper separates, try pliers to re-connect the zipper pull. Most local shoe repair stores can fix a broken zipper on the spot and if all else fails, try sturdy safety pins. Broken wheels may be easily replaced with in-line skate wheels from a local sporting goods store. And if the wheel is still attached but the plastic around it is broken, try rolling duct tape around the ball to help it roll.

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