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    Posted on June 7, 2014 by in Elle Renee, Theme Travel

    Bachelor and Bachelorette parties have been around for quite some time so naturally these traditional customs had to evolve. A modern twist for such gatherings is travel, but not just any travel. Many bachelor and bachelorette party ideas have moved away from the typical night/exotic club scene to excursions based on the interests of the guest of honor. A vineyard escape for the bride that loves wine or tee time on a beautiful Caribbean golf course for the groom that loves golf are just a few examples. And growing more in popularity is a combined bachelor/bachelorette trip for the couple and their closest friends before the formal ceremony. Whatever the individual preference, just remember creativity is key to planning a memorable experience that the guest(s) of honor will cherish.   

    Planning a Bachelor or Bachelorette trip? Here are some ideas to get you started. http://travel.usnews.com/features/Best-Places-for-a-Bachelor-or-Bachelorette-Bash/

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