• Falkland Islands

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    Falkland Islands

    The Falkland Islands is a 4700 sq-mile archipelago of over 740 islands located 400 mi south of South America and 800 mi north of the Antarctic Circle. Known for their penguins, these islands are home to >400 wildlife species giving rise to its nickname, the “New Galapagos”. The pristine and unspoiled environment allows for great hiking, birding, wildlife viewing, fishing and water sports. And as most islands, the Falklands have a noteworthy history and culture for history enthusiasts. With a population of just 3100, the locals are very friendly and welcoming, running the majority of the housing accommodations and guiding the local tours/adventures. With only 2 hotels and 1 motel, visitors to the Falkland Islands are welcomed into local culture, homes and traditions like family.

     Did you Know?

    Dancing is very popular in the Falkland Islands with the May and Winter Balls as highlights every year. Local dance groups meet weekly and welcome all visitors, especially those who can teach a new style of dance.

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