• Travel Stress Relief

    Posted on April 29, 2013 by in Ask Aston

    Travel can be stressful even if planned for appropriately. Flight delays, noisy children and cramped seating area few of the things that at times can’t be avoided and can cause increased stress. However there are some tips that can be used in any setting to help relieve some of those unavoidable stressors. Start off by being mentally ready by preparing for the worst and focusing on the best out of every situation. Bring relaxing music to help you meditate, breathe and mentally zone out when you are not able to physically remove yourself from the situation. Pack herbal teas in your carryon. You can easily obtain hot water usually without a charge in the airport or on the plane. And lastly, imagine that you are already on (or still on) your vacation.

    Here are some additional tips to help you de-stress during your travels


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