• Planning the Right Individual Itinerary

    Posted on September 30, 2013 by in Ask Aston

    Let’s face it, travel is not cheap but it is a great investment so it should be planned according to what you like vs. what others like. Begin by figuring out things you like to do on vacation despite the location (get pampered, night life, fine dining, etc). Next think about general interests that you enjoy regardless if you’re home or away (museums, cycling, shopping, etc). Finally, choose your preferred pace (scheduled and on the go vs. relaxed and leisurely). If you have a destination in mind, make a list of must-do’s and preferred- do’s specific to this location. Once you’ve identified these things, a travel professional can organize them and recommend destinations (or places to stay within your specified destination) and customize itineraries that will fit your personal style while getting you a good return on your investment.    

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