• Martinique

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    “The Island of Flowers” is located between Dominica and St Lucia and is a region of France. The official languages are Creole and French however English and Spanish are commonly spoken in the resort areas. Though easily accessible from many countries, Martinique is still relatively unspoiled with 60% of its land protected with several ecosystems that offer many recreational options. The diverse history is seen in many historical sites throughout the island as well as its customs and traditions. The expertly appointed cuisine is prepared with locally sourced products and range from traditional Creole, to French and everything in between. Martinique has the only rum with exceptional quality that it has appellation d’origine controlee (AOC) status. Martinique does not cater to large chain hotels so visitors truly get an authentic and intimate experience.

    Did you Know?

    Saint Pierre, a modern, sophisticated town was destroyed in 1902 by the volcanic eruption of Mount Pelée, turning it from its original nickname, the  “Little Paris of the West Indies” to the “Pompeii of the Caribbean”.

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