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    Posted on April 29, 2013 by in MJST Prep School

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    The word resort conjures a very specific idea among travel consumers that based on the facility may or may not live up to their expectations. To make things more confusing, some hotels market themselves as resorts contributing to this problem. However, there are some basic differences to look for when trying to determine if an advertised resort is true to its designation. The general definition of a hotel is a place that offers lodging while away from home. Though some offer restaurants, they are typically very basic with no emphasis on leisure or vacation lifestyle. On the other hand, a resort is generally defined as a full-service facility that provides access to or offers a range of amenities and recreation facilities to emphasize a leisure experience. These places also offer restaurants and lodging that further stress the vacation/care-free lifestyle. So if the “highlight” of the property is that it has a pool, it is most likely a hotel and not a resort.

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