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    Located in Central America and roughly the size of Ohio, Honduras offers a vast wealth of nature, culture and history. The majority of the people are a mix of Indian and Spanish decedents called Mestizos or Ladinos with 8 other indigenous groups speaking 7 indigenous languages. It is home to Copan, the “greatest center of the Mayan world” and a UNESCO world heritage site. For nature lover, 42% of Honduras is protected rainforest with more extensive cloud forests, pine forests, and jungle then Costa Rica or Guatemala. Despite these jungles and mountains, Honduras has an extensive network of paved roads making travel easier than other countries in the region. And for those surf and sand lovers, Honduras’ Caribbean coast has 500 miles of sandy shore along with the Bay Islands and nearby Great Mesoamerican reef- home to the greatest variety of corals and sponges in the Caribbean.

    Did you Know?

    La Mosquitia (the Mosquito coast) which occupies the entire northeast coast is part of the largest intact rainforest north of South America. It is also home to several indigenous tribes and referred to as “Central America’s Little Amazon”.

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