• Healthy Eating While Traveling

    Posted on April 29, 2013 by in Ask Aston

    Increased travel with decreased food options make it very difficult to stay on track with healthy eating or diets in this constant on-the-go society. So how can one resist bad temptations and avoid weight gain? The answer is planning. Junk food lurks around every corner in airports, train stations and hotels but if you are accurately prepared, you can avoid these traps. First, pack your own meal while in transit. Although you can’t bring liquids through security checkpoints, you can easily get fruits, sandwiches and other healthier options through to avoid buying food while you wait. Choose water over sodas, caffeine or alcohol. Once you arrive at your hotel, find a store and stock your room with healthy snacks. Lastly, do not skip breakfast. Studies show that eating breakfast will give you the energy needed to start your day and will help you avoid poor food decisions later.

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