• Guatemala

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    The northern most country in Central America, Guatemala is roughly the size of Tennessee yet home to a population of 1.5 million people. Much of the land is protected with 3.5 million square miles of mainly virgin jungle wilderness in the Maya Biosphere Reserve alone. The area of El Peten is considered the “Cradle of Maya Civilization”. The western highlands include the highest mountains and volcanoes in Central America and the pacific coast boasts of excellent deep-sea fishing with the waters off of Iztapa called the “sailfish capital of the world”. With over 22 indigenous ethnic groups, there are a number of languages that can be heard of then Spanish including Ixil and Garifuna. However, Guatemala is considered one of the best places to learn Spanish as the Spanish spoken here is considered the most pure in the Americas.  Add multiple World Heritage sites with opportunities to view 700 different species of birds and orchids, Guatemala offers something all types of travelers with varying interests.

     Did you Know?

    Guatemala is known for their artistic quality and variety of crafts. Each village produces their own unique style, patterns and colors which they depict on their popular weaving tops.

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