• Colombia

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    The oldest democracy in South America as well as the 3rd most biodiverse country in the world, Colombia is a melting pot of history, culture and nature.  The entire city of Cartagena, the walled city, is a World Heritage Site. The Coffee Cultural Landscape is alive and well, comprised of multiple states that grow what is considered the best mild coffee in the world. La Tatacoa Desert is a dry forest where water flows underground and natural formations create caves to explore. And it is home to Cuidad Perdida (the Lost City), the birth place of the Tayrona, an advanced pre-hispanic culture.

     Did you Know?

    San Agustin Archeological Park is recognized by UNESCO as home to the largest group of religious monuments and sculptures in South America. The intricately detailed monoliths  are sculpted out of volcanic stone and represent ancient gods and warriors.

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