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    There are many types of travelers in many different categories depending on the source. However there are 5 main types that are recognized throughout the travel industry. They are as follows: Holiday Traveler- those who prefer to get away during holidays or seek out specific locations for specific holiday experiences; Business Traveler- those who travel mainly for work, staying home is the “vacation”; Adventure Traveler- comes in many forms from the backpacker to those who enjoy activities while away, enjoys scheduled events/itineraries while on vacation; Weekend Traveler- the “9-5” person looking to get away for a long weekend of relaxation without a schedule; and finally Special Needs Traveler- includes those traveling with children, the elderly, pregnant women, disabled travelers and any other traveler requiring special needs/assistance. Many people fit into more than one category and vary between categories depending on the type of vacation experienced desired. Knowing your traveler type allows for maximization and individualized travel options.

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