• New Zealand

    Posted on April 29, 2013 by in Destination Spotlight


    New Zealand is comprised of 2 main landmasses, North and South islands, and numerous smaller islands. It is famously know for its beautiful greenery that give rise to varying landscapes that include mountains, volcanoes, sweeping coastlines, fjords and rainforests. This allows for great bird watching of numerous avian species including flightless species like the kiwi and kakapo. New Zealand is also known for pure environments and luxury lodges making this place ideal for spa goers and those wanting to commune with nature. And not to leave the adventurers out, this location also offers plenty of adventure activities such as zip lining and bungee jumping with some of the most scenic backdrops in the world.

    Did you Know?

    The capital, Auckland, is a leader in Pacific Rim cuisine- a style combining fresh seafood and meat with flavors from European, Mediterranean and Asian influences.

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