• Hotel Room Sizes…Abroad

    Posted on April 29, 2013 by in MJST Prep School

    MJST Prep School

    Many Americans traveling abroad are shocked when they see their hotel room is no bigger than their walk-in closet at home. This is because most people remember to check out the amenities of the hotel or its location and accessibility to popular attractions but assume the room size will be comparable to American hotels. Unfortunately this is not the case. The average American hotel room is 300-400 sq ft while hotel rooms in other countries are generally much smaller. In countries that are much older (ie Europe), the hotels are generally re-purposed historic residences and buildings, giving them a small space to fit in as many rooms as possible. There are hotels that have larger accommodations however these properties are generally further away from main attractions and may not be accessible to public transportation. So when traveling abroad, don’t forget to research the room size while keeping in mind the amount of space needed by each traveler.

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