• Disabled/Low-Mobility Passenger Rights

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    The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) was passed by congress to ensure people with disabilities could not be discriminated against in air travel. Though the act covers a lot of information, here is an overview to get you started. All airlines must provide requested accommodations that are required by law. Preflight notification of disability is not required unless traveling by stretcher, traveling with an electric wheelchair (or other device with special batteries) or requiring a hook up to the airline oxygen system during the flight. Traveling with an attendant is not mandatory unless the airline staff determines the individual is unable to receive and implement (cognitively and physically) safety instructions from flight crew. Lastly, a medical certificate is not required unless traveling via stretcher, require oxygen or have a medical condition that causes reasonable doubt that the traveler cannot complete the flight without extraordinary medical assistance. Although the ACAA significantly lowers potential discrimination of passengers with disabilities/low-mobility, the decision to allow any passenger to fly is to the discretion of the airline as their number one requirement is to ensure the safety of the entire flight. Click here for more detailed information on your rights.  http://www.friendshipcircle.org/blog/2012/06/05/air-traveler-with-disabilities- here-are-your-rights/

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