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    Many clients ask which is better, a cruise or an all-inclusive resort? This seems like a simple question however it is far from that. Deciding on whether to take a cruise or book an all-inclusive resort depends on a number of factors such as budget and the type of experience desired. Cruise lines and resorts vary greatly and a travel expert would be the best resource on assisting with this based on specific needs and desires. However here is a very basic breakdown of pros and cons for cruises vs. all-inclusive resorts.

    Cruise: Pros- cruises offer multiple ports of call in different destinations; offer large amounts of food including snacks; and each passenger can take advantage of the ships’ facilities. Cons- small accommodations; the ship can be overcrowded; limited time at ports of call; and  you have to pay extra for gratuities, soft drinks, alcohol, spa treatments, off-ship excursions, airfare and airport transfers.

    All-Inclusive Resorts: Pros- single price includes all meals, all drinks (alcoholic and non), room, taxes and gratuities, airfare and airport transfers; advantage of facilities often including water sports; larger accommodations and longer time to explore the destination. Cons- only one destination per vacation and these types of resorts are generally found in the Caribbean and Mexico vs. other parts of the world.

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