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    Australia is roughly the size of the US and is the only country that is a continent as well. The Land of Oz is home to a wealth of wild life, avian and plant species that are not found anywhere else in the world making this a playground for nature lovers, bird watchers and diving enthusiasts. And for those who enjoy the sun and surf, it has >10,000 beaches along its 30,000 mile coast and is home to the Great Barrier Reef- the longest and largest coral reef in the world. History and culture lovers will enjoy the numerous opportunities to see and interact with the Aboriginal people and their way of life including a spiritual trip to Uluru. With so many things to see and do, this destination is not only a must-do but also a multiple-do on any travelers’ list.

    Did you Know?

    The city of Canberra was specifically built to become the capital of Australia due to Sydney and Melbourne’s inability to settle their argument as to which city should be the capital. It is located midway between the two cities.

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